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Hello. I'm Ryan.

I design software and build digital products. I also spend a lot of my time outside. My interests lie at the intersection of design systems and engineering. I am currently the Director of Design at Catalyze. We build infrastructure and compliance software with the focus of bettering the future of healthcare.

In the past I've worked for startups and creative agencies. I also co-founded an edTech startup as a sophomore at R.I.T. Typically I'd have something more here to show you. However I'm currently in between projects. As a result I need to completely overhaul my portfolio at some point in the future. In the meantime feel free to check out the list of links below. I also have a blog.

If you're ever in Portland, OR and would like to grab coffee to chat design I'd love to meet up. I can be reached by email at rrichrs at Cheers.

Recent Projects: